The Ultimate Profit Cheat Sheet for Photographers

Does it feel like you’re always working hard, but never have enough in your business account? Is money holding you back from investing in the equipment you know you need to reach your full potential? If that’s you, don’t sweat it. I’ve been there and made it through to a place of profit. I wrote The Ultimate Profit Cheat Sheet just for you.

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Client Workflow Checklist

No more wasted time figuring where each of your clients stand. The Client Workflow Checklist will help you streamline your routine, making it easy for you to stay on track. Plus, when you’re ready to hire help you have a ready-to-go work process for quick training.


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Free Color Boost Photoshop Action


Color Boost Action

This is my go-to color Photoshop action. When used at full opacity, this Photoshop Color Boost Action takes rich color to the extreme. Gain deeper, more saturated color with the click of a button. Lower the opacity to suit your needs. A favorite all-purpose action. Compatible with Photoshop CS6 and up.

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