The Secret to Stellar Testimonials

I made a huge mistake when I was first starting out. I assumed. When you assume… well, you know how the saying goes. I assumed I knew what my client’s wanted. I assumed I understood them, because they probably thought just like me. Except, there’s a huge problem with that kind of thinking. If they thought just like me, well they’d probably be a professional photographer too and wouldn’t need me at all.

I’m sure you never make assumptions about your clients either, right. Ugh. There I go again. Assuming.

How to Get Great Testimonials for Your Photography Business

As photographers, we struggle to reach more clients, to book more sessions, to sell more prints. Then, we wonder why it’s not working or if it could work better. If only someone could give us the secret to how to get into the minds of our clients. Or, I guess we could just ask them.

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It’s pretty common knowledge in the professional photography world that testimonials help you sell more.

We feel more comfortable buying knowing that others have taken the risk investing their hard-earned cash and felt it was well worth the reward. So, we gather testimonials in the hopes that they will help us bring in new clients. I have news for you:


Testimonials go beyond booking more sessions. They have the power to mold a business into the exact fit for a client’s needs.

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Opening up a dialog with your clients post-session gives you a chance to get real feedback from the people you are serving in your business. There’s really nothing more valuable than understanding who your clients really are and how you can better serve them. The only way this will truly work is when you open yourself up to both positive and negative feedback. Take the positive and craft testimonials for your marketing materials. Follow up with the negative and make changes that will help your business become the perfect fit for your clients. When they see you value their opinion and their experience with you, they’re more likely to become loyal to you and your brand. Do you struggle to find the right words when asking for client feedback? Try one of these testimonial follow-up email scripts with your next client, just click the download link below.

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The amazing thing about running our own photography businesses is the opportunity we have to make it into whatever it is we want it to be. We can create the kind of business we would love to work with ourselves. We can draw the kind of clients that love to work with us, then they’ll turn around and send more great clients our way. One of the most pivotal steps we take in making that happen is getting to know our clients better than anyone else in the market does.

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